We believe Azerbaijan’s socio-economic development is closely linked with entrepreneurship and its future development!
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Licenses and Permissions

To receive licenses for 24 types of activity, entrepreneurs can use ‘Licenses and Permissions’ (www.lisenziya.gov.az) e-Portal created by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to send electronic applications. To receive a license, customers should use the e-signature to register on the web portal, create an account, and select a particular type of activity. The pop-up application window will collect the required user information from information systems in compliance with the type of license chosen. If information systems lack the required information, the scanned copies of required documents on selected type of activity should be attached to the application and confirmed by e-signature.

By using the e-Portal ‘Licenses and Permissions,’ users can track the application processing status, pay the state duty for obtaining the license and send it to their account after confirming the license by e-signature.

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