We believe Azerbaijan’s socio-economic development is closely linked with entrepreneurship and its future development!
To the attention of entrepreneurs who wish to take part in a virtual International Advanced Training Course on Management! Micro and small business entities at specialized exhibitions SMBDA has held several meetings during the forum KOBIA supports "Caspian Agro 2021" and "InterFood Azerbaijan 2021" exhibitions SMBDA has signed two documents during the forum SMBDA is represented at the 24th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum An online sales portal for micro and small businesses www.kobmarket.az has been launched Sales exhibition of women entrepreneurs’ handicrafts has been arranged Asian Development Bank to arrange a virtual seminar The SMBDA "Telegram" channel has been launched

Would you like to start volunteering for us?


Volunteers recruitment for Agency for Development of Small and Medium Business (SMBDA)


Volunteer skills to be acquired during the program:

  • In-depth experience obtained during three-month volunteering
  • Teamwork and responsiveness
  • Business-oriented management skills
  • Basic competitiveness skills in line with training objectives
  • Selection criteria for the volunteering program:
  • Focus on relevant education background (business & management background is preferable)
  • Willingness to study and practice in a business environment
  • Independent research skills
  • Active social media profile
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office software (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Ability to clearly express creative ideas
  • Language skills (Russian, English, etc.)

Application process


Candidates that wish to join SMBs Friend program need to get registered on the official website of the Agency for Development of Small and Medium Businesses and fill the form clicking on the link "Become SMEs volunteer."

Candidates that meet the selection criteria will be invited to the selection phase.


After SMBs volunteer program and based on an evaluation, each successful volunteer will receive a certificate of completion.


We wish each new SMBs volunteer success in business development, the most effective application of both theoretical knowledge and practical skills for the future of Azerbaijan.


Become SMBs volunteer to contribute to the business environment!


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