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We believe Azerbaijan’s socio-economic development is closely linked with entrepreneurship and its future development!
The "5th promotional exhibition of companies" will be held A startup founder created a "smart kitchen" trail-blazer in Azerbaijan Admission of applications of the 5th grant competition is in progress 184 commercial disputes were resolved positively in the mediation centre located in “Baku SMB House” “SMB development – entrepreneurship trainings” were held The meeting of the Task Force for “Corporate management, investments and corporate social responsibility” to take place Online meeting held for clustering Registration set out for national tour within framework of "AIM Congress"! A meeting was held with an Italian Company “Young startup” entrepreneurial trainings ended
AYNA to render services to entrepreneurs at "Baku SMB House" 23.01.23
AYNA to render services to entrepreneurs at "Baku SMB House"

The Azerbaijan Land Transport Agency (AYNA) under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan will render services to entrepreneurs at "Baku SMB House".


As of today, carriers will be able to receive the permit forms allocated to them as a result of the distribution from the employees of AYNA at "Baku SMB House".


Permits for the transportation of oversized cargo, issuance of "Distinction Badge", "Special Distinction Badge", conclusion of the contract on regular intra-city (intra-district), intercity (interdistrict) and international passenger transportation by road transport, issuance of a passport for the operation of the bus terminal (bus station) are also provided by AYNA at "Baku SMB House".

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