We believe Azerbaijan’s socio-economic development is closely linked with entrepreneurship and its future development!
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Protection of Interests of SMBs

A Department for protection of interests of small and medium businesses was established within the Agency to ensure receipt and consideration of entrepreneurs’ complaints, application of flexible solutions, organization and implementation of research, analysis, monitoring, and assessment in the area of protection of entrepreneurs’ lawful interests.

One of the major areas of the Department’s activity relates to improvement of the mechanisms of protecting the interests of small and medium businesses, development of proposals on preparation and revision of legal acts in the area of entrepreneurship, participation in development of projects and intermediary function to ensure extrajudicial resolution of disputes pertaining to entrepreneurial activity.

Also, the Department holds regular events aimed at raising awareness of SMBs regarding the mechanisms of protection of their interests and provides SMBs with assistance in applying these mechanisms.

In addition, the legislation stipulates the procedure and specific cases, when the Department can use the right of an observer to participate during inspections of SMBs by supervisory bodies.

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