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We believe Azerbaijan’s socio-economic development is closely linked with entrepreneurship and its future development!
Today International Day of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises is marked An exhibition showcasing products and services from over 150 domestic companies is currently underway. The product of artificial intelligence for intelligent search has been developed in Azerbaijan. The "Investment Journey" event took place this time in the city of Sheki Meeting with Students of Baku Business University The "Advertising Exhibition of Local Companies" launches Importance of applying Environmental, Social, and Corporate governance principles for business Exhibition-sale fairs will be held in the regions of the country A document was signed between KOBİA and the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry The number of entities awarded with the "Startup" certificate has reached 151
Startup Certificate

Micro and small businesses can apply for a Startup Certificate to the Small and Medium Business Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SMBDA).

According to the Tax Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, entrepreneurs engaged in micro and small businesses are exempt from income tax and tax on income from innovation activity for 3 years from the date of receiving the Startup Certificate. 

Applications to be submitted to the Agency directly (Baku city, Ziya Bunyadov avenue, 38C, 1969 block) or electronically ( The appropriate application form and other required documents are available in this section.

According to the Startup Determination Criteria approved by the Cabinet of Ministers on January 29, 2021, a startup certificate is issued to taxpayers – micro or small businesses. If an applicant is a founder of a medium or large business, the share of this founder in the legal entity should not exceed 49 %.

A startup certificate is issued for a product manufactured (service provided) to generate income or profit based on an innovative initiative, and this product should be competitive and not identical to another (different) startup product (service).

The application for a Startup Certificate received by SMBDA is registered on the date of submission. The Agency considers the application and the documents attached within 30 days and submits it to the Expert Council for consideration. Based on the Expert Council conclusion, the Agency decides to issue or refuse to issue a Startup Certificate.

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3.2. The following documents (information) should be attached to the application:

3.2.1. copies of the applicant's taxpayer registration certificate and the ID Card of the applicant-individual, as well as, if the applicant is represented by an authorized representative, the original power of attorney confirming his/her powers,

3.2.2. a presentation prepared using the appropriate software to obtain a Startup Certificate, reflecting the name and detailed description of the project (hereinafter – the project),

3.2.3. commercial or product design,

3.2.4. a business plan containing the following information:

1. market research and marketing plan related to the product (service) share in the market, its market potential,

2. export or import substitution potential of the product (justified),

3. the product (service) uniqueness and competitiveness (justified),

4. investment plan,

3.2.5. the following HR information:

1. the experience and (or) education of the management members, if any,

2. the employees ensuring the product (service) designing, its release to the market, and further development if any,

3. consultants if any,

4. shareholders (stakeholders) and (or) investors if any,

3.2.6. grants, investments, or loans attracted to the startup if any,

3.2.7. a patent or patent application for a startup product if any, 

3.2.8. a technology business incubator registration certificate if any.


Note: to obtain a Startup Certificate, an applicant should submit the application and other documents to the Small and Medium Business Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan directly (134, Ataturk Avenue, Baku, AZ1069) or electronically (

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NoName of economic entityName of Project Nature of projectDate of Delivery
1.“Bonpini” LLCBonpiniOnline brokerage service for tenants and lessees of residential and commercial real estate ( May 31, 2021
2.”Cyber Security Lab" LLCÇak-çukOnline intermediary service for individual and professional workers (employers) ( 31, 2021
3.Dr."Агро" LLCDr.AgroOnline consulting services for agriculture and agrarian business ( May 31, 2021May 31, 2021
4."Algorithmic Credit Technologies" LLCPulappLoan intermediary services for small businesses ( 6, 2021
5.ООО" Delivery Azerbaijan"189 DeliveryOnline intermediary service for organizing courier businesses ( 6, 2021
6.Individual Entrepreneur Nazar AllahverdiyevEbidEstablishment of an electronic auction-based trading platform July 6, 2021July 6, 2021
7."Амир технические услуги" LLCProject for developing a device to clean honeybee colonies from mitesManufacturing of a device for cleaning bees from mites."July 6, 2021
8."Kibrit.Теch" LLCOrangelineSoftware for call center management August 06, 2021
9.  “Profam” LLC insure.azOrganization of insurance services through an online platform ( 06, 2021
10.  "Unibroad" LLC UnibroadOnline intermediary service for those seeking to study abroad ( August 06, 2021
11. "VATT" LLC Powerbank rentalRental of power banks for phones through a mobile applicationSeptember 9, 2021 
12.Individual Entrepreneur Tebriz ZeynalovCagir.azOnline platform for buying and selling household servicesSeptember 9, 2021
13. "ALT SERVİCE" LLCIntelligent network deviceProduction and sale of network devices (multi-channel switch) for uninterrupted electricity supplySeptember 9, 2021
14.  "TECHFİN" LLCHesabat.azCloud-based online accounting software (  September 9, 2021
15.Individual Entrepreneur Orkhan Jafarov Tokhum  agroOnline consultation platform for the agricultural sector   October 11, 2021 
16. "Global İnnovations" LLC Epoint.azAggregator of online payments and e-commerce platform ( October 11, 2021
17. "Supply Chain Community" LLCSupply chain communityOnline platform for suppliers and providers October 11, 2021
18. "VVHELP" LLC WhelpSoftware for online customer support for enterprisesOctober 11, 2021
19.Individual Entrepreneur Namik GadzhiyevBrain prizeBrain prize Software for online customer support for enterprises, online knowledge competition with paid and premium fundsOctober 11, 2021
20."PAYRIFF" Closed Joint-Stock Company payriff.comAggregator of online payments ( 16, 2021 
21. "CUSPERCO" LLC azdo.azOnline platform for clients and contractors ( 16, 2021 
22."Buta Vending" LLC butavending.az20. Production of automated kiosks for selling ready-made meals (snacks) ( 16, 2021
23. "Oxuyan" LLC oxuyan.azPlatform for organizing online exams ( 16, 2021
24.Individual Entrepreneur Aliaga Software for electronic management in healthcare institutions ( 16, 2021 
25.Individual Entrepreneur Farid 20. Cloud-based software for electronic management in enterprises ( 16, 2021 
26. "SAFAVY" LLC safavy.orgOnline platform for self-development and education ( 08, 2021
27."FOGİTO" LLC fogito.comOnline platform for business management ( 08, 2021
28.“Maestro Company Limited” LLC izzidone.comWeb platform for household services ( 12, 2022 
29.Documood LLCdocumood.azWeb platform for online contract signing ( 12, 2022
30. “Smor” LLCsmor.azMarketplace for automobile parts ( 12, 2022
31.“Pickpoint” LLC www.poste.azAutomation of parcel delivery process using innovative solutions ( 12, 2022 
32.“Pay2Play” LLC pay2play.azMarketplace for digital products (games) ( 12, 2022 
33.         "Push 30" LLC www.push30.azOnline platform that serves as an intermediary for gym servicesMarch 3, 2022 
34."G-khan" LLC www.11delivery.comServices as an intermediary between independent couriers and clientsMarch 3, 2022
35.“Clickusta” LLCwww.clickusta.azServices as an intermediary for online mobile phone repair services March 3, 2022 
36.“Otobaza Azerbaijan” LLCwww.otobaza.comMarketplace for automobile  spare partsMarch 3, 2022 
37. "Sakuraz Green Energy" LLC"Litium-ion battery restoration" Organization of collection and restoration of lithium-ion batteries April 14,  2022 
38."Smart Logistics 2021" LLC Project "Smart Logistics" Mobile application for ordering freight trucksApril 14,  2022.
39."Setup" LLC  Project "Twelfy"      Organization of a successful knowledge competition (via internet and mobile app)April 14,  2022.
40. "E-legal" LLC Project "E-legal" Online organization of legal advisory services May 17, 2022 
41."Psixosən" LLC  Project "PsixoSən" Intermediary service for online organization of psychological servicesMay 17, 2022 
42.Individual Entrepreneur Javad Ibragimli Project "Kəndi-gətir" Platform for online sale of agricultural products May 17, 2022 
43. "Plast" LLC Project "Plast" softwareOrganization of medical services through a mobile app June 23, 2022. 
44."Glorri" LLC "Glorri"Online platform for optimizing hiring processes (software)July 27, 2022
45."Dronee Aero" LLC "Simurq F by Dronee Aero"Production and sale of various civilian dronesJuly 27, 2022
46."Eduaz co." LLC"Eduaz"Educational platform for students, trainers, and corporate companiesJuly 27, 2022
47."Alimok" LLC"Alimok"Educational platform for personal development and intellectual knowledge of children  July 27, 2022
48."Mie Azerbaijan" LLC"MIE Azerbaijan"  Educational services based on CLD learning technologyJuly 27, 2022
49.        "Vvaverıty" LLC"Waverity"Software for visualization and analysis of geological data in the oil and gas sector  July 27, 2022
50."Softpress" LLC Project ""Cashless payment system September 7, 2022 
51."Clopos" LLC Project "Clopos" POS software for restaurants and cafesSeptember 7, 2022 
52.E-Sayar" Closed Joint-Stock Company Project “E-sayar” Software for online accounting September 7, 2022 
53."Travel Qrup" LLC  Project “”Electronic platform for online travel, business trips, and educational visa servicesSeptember 7, 2022 
54."YER xSP" LLC  Project "Yer cloud"Organization of cloud servicesSeptember 7, 2022 
55."Satelyzer" LLC  Project "Satelyzer"Satellite data services for agricultureSeptember 7, 2022 
56.Ilgar Oktay oglu Mamedov Project “Azplagio” Online platform for plagiarism detection in Azerbaijani languageSeptember 7, 2022 
57.Nariman Piruz oglu Karakhani Project “Taskilled” Platform for online learning and practical tasksSeptember 7, 2022 
58. "Edtesk" LLC  Project "Enthouse"Production of electronic integrated circuits and interfaces in agricultureSeptember 7, 2022 
59.  "Smartap" LLC Project "Smartap" Online platform for purchasesSeptember 15, 2022 
60.Ibrahim Aynur oglu Zeynalov Project “AZİR” Production, operation, and sale of 3D printers for constructionSeptember 15, 2022
61.Farid Shakir oglu Zeynalov Project "ShiftCon" "Services through the metaverse platform 'ShiftCon'."September 15, 2022
62. “Avto İnfo” LLC Project “Avto İnfo” Information system for checking the history of used cars in Azerbaijan (service, insurance, etc.))September 15, 2022 
63. “BOOST” LLC Project “Boost” Information system for checking the history of used cars in Azerbaijan (service, insurance, etc.)) September 15, 2022 
64.Afghan Ikram oglu HuseynovProject "MetaStudio" "MetaStudio" development and sale of virtual games of metaverse September 15, 2022 
65.“Selenium Co.” LLC Project "Garderapp" Marketplaces for shopping of  clothes and accessories "GarderApp"September 15, 2022 
66. Terlan Samed oglu Abbaszade Project "MeContest"Social network platform "MeContest"September 15, 2022  
67. "İndi Market" LLC  Project "İndi"Delivery service via mobile application September 15, 2022 
68. "BİD TAXİ" LLC Project "Bid Taxi" Organization of taxi service via mobile application September 15, 2022 
69. "Macrocode" LLC Project "Macrocode" Online platform that simplifies coding October 13, 2022 
70.         “Metaflix” LLC Project “Metaflix” Platform for online screening of national filmsOctober 13, 2022
71.            "Monyo" LLC Project "Monyo" Restaurant database and electronic menu serviceOctober 13, 2022
72. “Krapp” LLC Project “Krapp” Mobile application facilitating the loan issuance process for credit organizationsOctober 13, 2022
73. “Tutorlab” LLC Project “Tutorlab” Platform for managing online educationOctober 13, 2022
74.Yusibov Sarkhan Tarkhan ogluProject "Asan Usta"Online platform for craftsmen and service providersOctober 13, 2022  
75."VR Home" LLC Project "VR Home" Online platform (marketplace) based on virtual reality (VR)November 24, 2022 
76."Probill" LLC Project “ProBill” Online platform for managing real estate and residential complexesNovember 24, 2022 
77."Blokchain Academy" LLC  Project “Blokchain Academy" Online training on block chain technologiesNovember 24, 2022 
78.Ahmedzade Eivaz Rovshan ogluProject “Elmly” Online knowledge competitionNovember 24, 2022 
79. "Recepta" LLC   Project "Recepta" Platform for digitalizing cash receipts November 24, 2022 
80."Too Far Logistics" LLCProject “Too Far Logistics”Online platform for fast courier serviceDecember 23, 2022 
81. "İntelligent Services And Solutions Company" LLCProject “İSS Co." Production and sale of facade cleaning robotsDecember 23, 2022 
82."Legalaid" LLC Project "Legalaid"Mobile application for legal consulting servicesFebruary 6, 2023  
83. "AvtomatikaAz" LLC Project “Aztruck”Software for large-capacity weighing scales February 6, 2023 
84."AKİAB" LLC Project AKİAB" Online services and communication platform for businessFebruary 6, 2023 
85."Allrent" LLC  Project “Allrent” Online platform for property rentalFebruary 6, 2023 
86."İncode" LLC Project “Toyda" Online platform for managing parties and weddingsFebruary 6, 2023 
87."Blinki-Bİ” LLC Project “Blink Business İntelligence” Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) softwareFebruary 27, 2023 
88.“ND Opinions” LLCProject "Autoreport" Database of used carsFebruary 27, 2023  
89.       “Frisaga” LLC Project "Frisaga" Online platform for those offering services in tourism and travel March 29, 2023 
90. "BlackOne" LLC  Project “Blackone” Online platform for products and servicesMarch 29, 2023
91."BJ Technology" LLC Project "BJ Technology" Production and sale of High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) columns used in laboratoriesMarch 29, 2023 
92."Bağ Evim" LLCProject "Bağ Evim" Online platform for renting country housesMay 3, 2023
93."Schoolplus" LLC  Project "Schoolplus" Online learning platformMay 3, 2023
94. "Drakaris" LLCProject "Yığım"Payment system "YİGİM"May 3, 2023
95."Think” LLCProject “Glame” Internet marketplaces for selling cosmetic services and productsSeptember 5, 2023
96."Hellojob" LLC Project "Hellojob" Online job vacancy platformSeptember 5, 2023
97.                    "Allin.Us" LLCProject “Allinus”  Online survey platformSeptember 5, 2023 
98.Representation of "S2J INC" LLC  in Azerbaijan Project “Rentbutik”Mobile application for car sharing (authorization) September 5, 2023 
99.    "Mərtəbələr" LLC Project “Mərtəbələr” Electronic platform for facilitating real estate buying and selling September 5, 2023 
100.Kadyrov Ramil Gurban ogluProject “Smart Safe” Hardware-software complex for automatic management of storage safesSeptember 5, 2023 
101.“Hirpo” LLC Project "Hirpo" Platform for measuring and managing employee performance September 5, 2023 
102. “Flash Expo” LLCProject “Flash Expo”Online platform for remote participation in exhibitions and trade fairsSeptember 5, 2023
103.       "All Fitness" LLC Project “Allfit” Platform for subscribing to fitness clubs and allocating account minutesSeptember 5, 2023
104. "Telsat" LLCProject "Telsat" Online  mobile phone shopping platform September 5, 2023
105."Metatesk" LLCProject "Metatesk" Online studying platformSeptember 5, 2023
106.“Kipias” LLC Project "İgogo"Online platform for homeowners and contractors looking to renovateOctober 12, 2023 
107."Parqour" LLC Project “Parqour” Software for parking October 12, 2023 
108.Акберов Рамин Ягуб оглы  Project “Bucard”Platform for digital business setOctober 12, 2023 
109. "Baku Carsharing Company” LLCProject “Kite Eco” Software for renting cars October 12, 2023 
110. “Yeni Zeon” LLC Project “New Zeon” Digital ecosystem servicesOctober 12, 2023 
111. “Bonpara” LLC Project "Bonpara" E-commerce platform with financial support and subscription fee collection functionNovember 16, 2023 
112.“Vvegros Azerbaijan" LLC Project “Wegros” Community-based online shopping platform November 16, 2023
113."Smartpost” LLC Project “Kargomat” Production and operation of smart mailboxesNovember 16, 2023
114.Ibrahimli Davud Zulfuqar ogluProject “Burdanal” Internet shop (marketplace)November 16, 2023 
115. "Hellind Enerji" LLC Project “Hellind Enerji” Production and sale of data logging devices for telemetry and energy systemsNovember 16, 2023
116.Sultanov Malik Khatam ogluProject “Agroficient” Production and sale of water-retaining material (hydrogel) in soil for agricultureNovember 16, 2023 
117.“Snackpack” LLC Project “Snackpack” Mobile application for discounted food offerings, "evening market"November 16, 2023 
118.“Puzzle Tech" LLC Project "Unisave" Discount platform for studentsNovember 16, 2023 
119."Qarabug" LLC Project “Bug Bounty” Security testing service for digital infrastructureNovember 27, 2023
120."UNİNTURKEY" LLC Project "UNİNTURKEY"Online brokerage service for university admissionsNovember 27, 2023
121."Metprof" LLC Project "Metprof" Production of cotton loaders equipped with innovative gearbox, platform for feeding process optimization, and mobile applicationDecember 20, 2023
122.“Alfa Hospitality” LLC Project "Alpha N Hospitality" Platform and mobile application for feeding process optimizationDecember 20, 2023
123.“Trendbazar” LLCProject "Trendbazar"Online trading platform (marketplace)    December 20, 2023
124.“Cybersign” LLC Project “Kibermaarifləndirmə"Online services in the field of cybersecurityJanuary 22, 2024
125.“Oneplusone” LLC Project "Goal+" Online platform for amateur athletesJanuary 22, 2024
126. “Food Lab” LLC Project "Food Lab" Restaurant management platformJanuary 22, 2024
127.Novruzzade Nigar Kemal giziProject “N’us Gallery”Online art pieces shopping plaformJanuary 22, 2024
128.“İ” LLC  Project "CagroSoft" Specialized software (SaaS) for logistics companies  January 22, 2024  
129.Alizade Shamistan Farman oglu Prjoect “” Educational gaming online platform for studentsJanuary 22, 2024
130.“Eattable” LLC Project “Eattable” Online platform for restaurant recommendations and reservations (mobile application)January 22, 2024
131."Vvonder Voyage" OOOProject “Wondvoy" Platform for hotel and car bookingsFebruary 29, 2024
132.“KidFi” LLC Project “Kidfi” Online platform and mobile application for improving financial literacy and computational skillsFebruary 29, 2024
133.“CM Elec Troniq” LLC Project "Sculptor" Production of ultrasonic therapeutic devices for weight lossFebruary 29, 2024
134.“4YOUKİD” LLC Project "4You"Online platform for psychological servicesFebruary 29, 2024
135.Kadirov Ramil Qurban oglu Project “PSM-4” Manufacturing of environmental monitoring and measuring device to register environmental parameters.February 29, 2024
136."Yol Yoldaşı" LLC Project “Yol yoldashi” Online intercity transport navigation applicaitonMarch 18, 2024
137."Prodigitrack" LLC Project "Digital Material Purchasing" Online platform for organizing procurement processesMarch 18, 2024
138.MIrzoyev Rafik Nariman oglu Project “Azprofeed” Alternative production of fats and proteins through agricultural and food waste processingMarch 18, 2024
139.Aliyeva - Sundhordvik Aygun Azad giziProject “Auto Source” Production of equipment for generating water from the atmosphereMarch 18, 2024
140."E-Tibb" LLCProject “iCheck" Mobile platform for online doctor consultationsApril 24, 2024
141."İmajin Technologies" LLCProject "İmajin” Interactive trading platformApril 24, 2024
142."Finmarket" LLCProject “Onepoint” Online credit platform for financial institutions April 24, 2024
143."Troniq" LLCProject “RoboRek” Production and sale of advertising robotsApril 24, 2024
144. "Yoldash" LLC Project “Yoldash” Online platform connecting car drivers and passengersApril 24, 2024 
145.Nushiravanova Mechta Aizaqa gizi Project “Zəka Oyunları” Intellectual online gamesMay 23, 2024 
146."Money-Tunnel" LLC “Money Tunnel" Mobile application for connecting clients with financial institutionsMay 23, 2024
147.Gulmalizade Rufat Ramil ogluProject “Classroomy” Interactive video educational and communication platformMay 23, 2024
148.“Jİ Studio” LLC Project “JİS.Aİ” Web platform for designing and developing web pages based on artificial intelligenceMay 23, 2024
149. "Ainuverse” LLC Project "Ainuvision” Platform for intelligent video content searchMay 23, 2024
150.Ismayilov Niyaz Naqi oglu Project “Tapcanlı” Interactive racing online platformMay 23, 2024
151.“Yax” LLCProject “Yaxpoint” Mobile application for taxi bookingMay 23, 2024


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The Expert Council operates in the following composition:


- representatives of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan,

- representatives of the Ministry of Transport, Communications, and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan,

- representative of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan,

- representative of the Intellectual Property Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan,

- representative of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences,

- independent experts:

1. representative of the Public Association Azerbaijan Internet Development Forum,

2. representative of the Public Association Azerbaijan Innovation Export Consortium, 

3. representative of the Commission for Innovations and Digital Technologies under the National Confederation of Entrepreneurs (Employers) of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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Powered by Froala Editor