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First-ever cyber awareness and phishing simulation portal in Azerbaijan 06.02.24
First-ever cyber awareness and phishing simulation portal in Azerbaijan

Elvin Akhundov, Azerbaijani entrepreneur and executive director of "Cybersign" LLC, has developed a cyber awareness and phishing simulation portal for the first time in the country.

According to E. Akhundov, who recently earned a "Startup" certificate from the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (KOBİA) for the project, per the information presented to "", individuals who have utilized such portals in Azerbaijan up to this day have benefited from international alternative platforms. The platform presented by "Cybersign" LLC was developed by Azerbaijani specialists using the Azerbaijani language.

The target audience of the platform is the corporate sector. Companies can conduct their training using the portal: "Our primary area of activity is cyber security. After completing 24 topics of video trainings on cyber security, staff members are  consequently verified and certified. It is known that there are more cyberattacks these days than ever. Phishing attacks use e-mails or phone calls to trick people into giving over their personal information. We get them ready for phishing in the way as real as possible. After the training, if we have a corporate contract with a company, we send phishing emails that look authentic and assess the organization's and the employees' cyber security index. This index is assessed by the company itself. They use this method to identify their weak points and advise staff on how to protect themselves against cyberattacks."

E. Akhundov mentioned that in addition to cyber security awareness training, the portal is used to carry out automated phishing campaigns, monitor user development, automate the hiring process, create a user rating system, carry out certification, respond to phishing incidents, and administer training exams.

He also added that it is planned to introduce this platform across all nations and transform it into a multinational platform in the near future. The platform has already been developed in Azerbaijani, English, and Russian languages, and it is planned to be developed in Arabic and Spanish soon. It is intended to "pentest" companies on the platform, meaning to eliminate any gaps against potential attacks: "Many countries in the world have this platform. While some platforms only offer phishing simulation without an LMS, our platform offers both. Our platform has more extensive training than foreign platforms. Cyber security is developed in accordance with national cultures. We have also developed it with our culture in mind and considered the possibility of actual phishing. In Azerbaijan, we are developing phishing attacks to be as convincing as possible, allowing staff members to adjust to the situation as though it was genuine one. We constantly update our portal to ensure that it can meet the requirements of the modern era.”


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