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We believe Azerbaijan’s socio-economic development is closely linked with entrepreneurship and its future development!
A survey is conducted among foreign trade participants Awareness-raising event organized by the Electronic Security Service at KOBİA To the attention of entrepreneurs wishing to benefit from opportunities of SMB Model Enterprise! A meeting was held between KOBİA and Sumgait State University Follow-up meeting of the working group “Corporate Governance, Investments and Corporate Social Responsibility” was held A meeting was held between KOBİA and MUSAID representatives Citizen reception organized at KOBİA Another 4 micro-entrepreneurs were awarded with a "Startup" certificate B2B meetings were held between businessmen of Azerbaijan and Turkiye Representatives of the Entrepreneurship Development Fund (Damu) of Kazakhstan got familiar with KOBİA’s experience
SMB Friend

To achieve the stated goals, the Agency should apply new models of management. One of the Agency’s important strategic projects includes the network of Small and Medium Business Friends currently established in the country to constitute a means of the Agency’s regional activity.

The activity of SME Friends is both aimed at the establishment of new SMBs and expansion of existing ones to ensure potential development of the regions. For this purpose, potential investment projects are determined to ensure their implementation by SMBs.

Another important area of activity of SMB Friends has to do with providing SMBs with multiple types of support that meets the requirements of their sustainable development. This activity seeks to both expand the possibilities of current public support mechanisms and provide SMBs with unrestricted and comfortable access to such mechanisms, as well as to ensure application of various support mechanisms by the Agency.

Another significant activity of SMB Friends implies protection of SMB rights, thus entailing quick problem solving of issues in the field through the public-private partnership.

Another important area of SMB Friends’ activity is to conduct surveys and monitoring. By closely interacting with entrepreneurs, SMB Friends implement surveys with a view of learning about their development needs. At the same time, a process has been envisaged to monitor the procedure of using SMB Friends to provide SMBs with services.

Contact details of SMB Friends in Administrative-Territorial Units (ATU)


ATUAddressFirst and Last NameTelephoneE-mail
1BakuAtatürk Avenue, 134Vusal Gasimov055 200 04
2Elvin Abbasov055 200 14
3Anar Babayev055 500 12
4Fariz Baghirov055 225 18
5Said Abbasov055 500 12
6Ali Alizada055 225 57
7İlkin Mikayilov055 455 80
8Abulfaz Mehdisoy055 450 18
9Telman Cabbarlı055 450 18
10Jeyhun Najafov055 225 57
11AbsheronHeydar Aliyev Center, KhirdalanValid Nadirov055 200 01
12Agshin Asgarov055 500 12
13SumgayitHeydar Aliyev Center, SumgayitEtibar Aliyev055 500 12
14Khayal Mammadzade 055 500 12
15KhizhiKhizhi city, Heydar Aliyev CenterAmil Ismayilov055 250 78
16Lankaran Heydar Aliyev Center, LankaranRahib Jabiyev055 500 12
17MasalliMasalli city, Dadva residential area, Masalli Industrial DistrictJavad Azizov055 200 03
18JalilabadHeydar Aliyev Center, JalilabadSabir Mirzayev055 455 80
19AstaraAstara city, Heydar Aliyev CenterSeymur Murtuzayev055 500 12
20Lerik Lerik District Executive Authority, Heydar Aliyev Square 1Rail Mammadov051 343 51
21KhachmazKhachmaz city, Guba-Khachmaz Regional Development CenterAzar Panahov055 200 03
22GubaHeydar Aliyev Center, GubaAsif Jafarov055 200 03
23GusarGusar city, Gusar Youth HouseEmin Orujov055 200 03
24Siyazan - ShabranSiyazan city, Youth HouseRahil Gurbanov055 200 03
25ShamakhiHeydar Aliyev Center, Javanshir Maharramov055 200 03
26IsmayilliIsmayilli city,  Youth HouseSadyar Shiralibayli051 613 12
27AgsuAgsu city, Young Artisans CenterAbas Abasov055 200 04
28GanjaGanja city, Youth HouseAnar Aliyev055 200 01
29Suleyman Tagiyev055 500 12
30Goygol district, Heydar Aliyev CenterOrkhan Ahmadov055 255 18
31ShamkirShamkir city, Youth HouseElchin Gurbanlı055 500 12
32Tovuz Tovuz city, Heydar Aliyev CenterNariman Zamanov055 250 79
33GadabayGadabay city, Heydar Aliyev CenterAmil Asgarov055 250 78
34AgstafaAgstafa city, Heydar Aliyev CenterJavid Adigozalov055 224 61
35Gazakh Gazakh city, Youth HouseElnur Panahov055 219 20 
36"Red Bridge" customs-border checkpointGazakh region, II Shikhli village, "Red Bridge" customs-border checkpointAnar Mammadov055 215 30
37FuzuliHoradiz city,
  Heydar Aliyev Center
Hafiz Sadıgov055 200 04
38 Tartar Tartar city, Youth HouseSanan Ahmadzade055 500 12
39AghdamAghdam district, Heydar Aliyev CenterHasan Calalzade055 500 12
40AgjabadiAgjabadi city, Flag MuseumNail Mamedov050 299 64
41ZangilanZangilan district, Agali villageVusal Ibrahimov055 250 79
 Restoration, Construction and Management Service No. 2 in East Zangezur Economic District
Ali Alizade050 722 31
43MingachevirMingachevir city, Youth HouseAyaz Adilov055 500 12
44YevlakhYevlakh city, Aran Regional Development CenterSahib Amirov055 455 80
45KurdamirKurdamir city,
  Heydar Aliyev Center
Elshad Mammadov055 455 80
46ShirvanShirvan city, Youth HouseRahman Najafov055 200 01
47GoychayHeydar Aliyev Center, GoychayRahim Mammadov055 500 12
48UjarUjar City Youth HouseSarxan Aliyev050 581 69
49SalyanHeydar Aliyev Center, SalyanAnar Ahmadov055 500 12
50SabirabadSabirabad City,
  Youth home
Piri Huseynli055 215 47
51ImishliHeydar Aliyev Center, ImishliLachin Jafarov055 500 12
52BilasuvarBilasuvar district,
  Heydar Aliyev Center
Elmaddin Aliyev055 219 20 
53BeylaganBeylagan city,Youth homeİlkin Taghıyev050 566 13
54ShakiHeydar Aliyev Center, ShakiElbrus İskandarov055 200 01
55QaxHeydar Aliyev Center, Qaxİmam İmamlı055 250 27
56ZagatalaZagatala city, Heydar Aliyev CenterFuad Aliyev055 500 12
57GabalaGabala city, Heydar Aliyev CenterAfshin Afsarbayli055 500 12
58BalakanBalakan city, Youth CenterRafiq Shabanov055 225 18
59NakhchivanNakhchivan city,
 Business Center
Aygun Guliyeva055 219 20 
60BabekAgali Ahmadov055 219 20
61Julfa and OrdubadParvin Murshudov055 219 20
62Shahbuz and KangarliAyyub Jafarli055 219 20 62

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