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Volunteers Council

Volunteers Council is a group comprising of volunteer team leaders, selected active volunteers who worked at the Agency or other locations as instructed by the Agency within three months, were awarded a certificate of completion and a letter of reference, and supervisors of volunteers from the relevant Agency’s sections.

Application review and selection of volunteers is carried out by the Volunteers Council.

Chairman of the Volunteers Council is the Chairman of the Agency’s Management Board.

Secretary of the Volunteers Council is considered responsible for the organization of the volunteering process.

Volunteers Council members include organizers of the volunteering process, coordinator, volunteer team leader, and selected volunteers.

Upon instruction of the Chairman of the Management Board, the Volunteers Council meets at least monthly.

Responsibilities of the Volunteers Council:

•make collective decisions on the volunteering activities;

•discuss organizational principles of the volunteering process, changes and amendments there to;

•discuss the evaluation of volunteers

Objectives of the Volunteers Council:

•provide volunteers with enabling and safe work conditions;

•provide the necessary support to the organization of the volunteers’ activity;

•award volunteers for their contributions.

The first meeting of the council was held on December 5, 2018. 

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