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We believe Azerbaijan’s socio-economic development is closely linked with entrepreneurship and its future development!
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Entrepreneur Tural Taib: "We want our entrepreneurs to be able to sell their products through an online store" 29.01.24
Entrepreneur Tural Taib: "We want our entrepreneurs to be able to sell their products through an online store"

"State institutions are currently taking a number of measures to facilitate cashless payments. We are also trying to support the state institutions in this area."

Tural Taib, Head of "Trendbazar" LLC, who created the online shopping platform and obtained a Startup certificate from the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (KOBİA), told "" about this. 

Given the prevalence of online shopping in the modern world, T.Taib noted that he made the decision to establish this kind of platform for local business owners and persons engaged in buying and selling in an effort to boost this trend in Azerbaijan.

He claims that the primary objective of the platform is to support the growth of the local production and import market. Not only importing companies introduce their products on the platform, shop owners and even citizens with a TIN are able to sell their goods through this platform: "Currently, our citizens place orders for products from abroad. Our goal is for our foreign-importing entrepreneurs to be able to provide their products not only in their own stores but also virtually, from anywhere in Azerbaijan. An entrepreneur must register on our site, have a TIN, and have a bank account in order to be able to sell products. An entrepreneur who meets these requirements sets up an online store on "Trendbazar". The platform sells products across multiple domains - clothing, agricultural equipment, cars, accessories, construction and building, beauty and health products, etc. There are about 700 "main" and "auxiliary" categories. Features on this platform include retail and wholesale, as well as internal auction for sellers. A system of announcement is also available to buyers. A buyer can post an item in their possession as an advertisement, but cannot sell it as a seller in cases if they are not registered as a taxpayer or do not have a legitimate bank account. Entrepreneurs with TIN are given the opportunity to engage in online sales directly. Our primary goal is to expand our local market and entrepreneurs can sell their goods through the platform anywhere in Azerbaijan."


T. Taib noted that not many people have registered as buyers or sellers yet due to the platform's recent launch. Over a thousand people have registered as buyers, and over twenty sellers have been approved. "We have made it possible for business owners and entrepreneurs to use the website and sell to their preference.  On the platform, we have established a "free zone" where business owners are free to advertise and sell their goods. Our platform's greater reach, live online support for entrepreneurs, and "Hotline" are the advantages our platform offers.”


The entrepreneur also pointed out that innovative methods are currently being applied by business owners worldwide to sell their products. In Azerbaijan, the majority of business owners know very little about innovative technology: "That's why we are seeking to organize teams and deploy them to stores and inform entrepreneurs about this platform. We are currently making plans in this matter. Additionally, products are currently sent to customers through "Azerpost". We want to create a courier system and those who seek can register in our system and engage in courier delivery of "Trendbazar" products to their addresses. Our goal is to establish a courier system where those willing to register in our platform and engage in courier platform to have their “Trendbazar" products delivered to client addresses.

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