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Competition for funding SMB’s scientific and support projects announced 02.11.21
Competition for funding SMB’s scientific and support projects announced

According to the "Procedure for financing educational, scientific, research, and support projects related to the development of micro, small, and medium businesses," approved by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers dated September 30, 2020, the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (SMBDA) has announced a competition for funding scientific and support projects.


Terms and conditions:

- The competition is open to legal entities and individuals who are subjects of micro, small, and medium businesses. 

- The projects should concern either scientific or support areas.

- Each competition participant can submit only one project; 

- The project implementation term should be within 3-12 months; 

- Projects fully financed by other agencies, ongoing, or completed ones cannot be additionally funded or refunded by the Agency.

- The documents required for the participation in the competition must be submitted in full; 

- The work under the projects should start from 01.03.2022; 

- The projects must be submitted in the Azerbaijani language.


Amount of funds allocated: It’s planned to allocate a maximum of 20,000 (twenty thousand) manats per project.

Acceptance of project documents: from 09:00 AM November 15, 2021, until 06:00 PM December 14, 2021. (Note: project documents submitted before or after the specified deadline will not be accepted).

The competition period: December 16, 2021 - February 10, 2022


SMBs wishing to participate in the competition can submit the following documents from December 16, 2021, to February 10, 2022, in electronic (info@smb.gov.az) or hard copy directly to the Agency (134, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Avenue, AZ1069, Baku):


Application form;

  • The competition project; 
  • Financial justification of the project budget; 
  • Copies of documents confirming the identity and powers of a representative of an individual or legal entity, which is an SMB entity; 
  • Copies of an extract from the state register and the charter of legal entities (if the applicant is a legal entity).
  • (Note: the appropriate documents can be downloaded from: https://bit.ly/3oZx4HZ).


Information on the competition results will be posted on the SMBDA's website www.smb.gov.az after February 10, 2022.


Scientific area:

  • strengthening the SMB activity through implementing innovative scientific projects;
  • strengthening the SMB activity through cooperation with legal entities and individuals engaged in scientific activity, their public associations, and scientific activity participants;
  • projects covering research reflecting activity aimed at the development of micro, small, and medium businesses;
  • developing interaction of SMBs with industrial and technology parks, technology transfer centers, business incubators, and similar enterprises;
  • arranging and holding republican, regional, and international scientific conferences, symposia, seminars, and other events in the Republic of Azerbaijan, and supporting participation in scientific events abroad, which are of particular importance for the development of micro, small, and medium businesses.


Support area:

  • studying international experience, audit, preparing documents, obtaining patents, arranging management and logistics services;
  • supporting the arrangement of laboratory services for the analysis and testing of products manufactured by the SMBs;
  • supporting the participation in events held in the country and abroad to strengthen human resources in the SMB activity;
  • supporting the SMBs exporting non-oil products for the first time in the preparation of documents and obtaining the certificates required for the entry of their products to foreign markets;
  • supporting the registration of startups promoting innovative entrepreneurship, the sale, patenting, and promoting industrial products (services) in foreign markets;
  • supporting the SMBs in using high-tech and innovative opportunities, applying appropriate technologies in their activity, and, if required, allocating experts to support these entities.


For additional Information: (+994 12) 404 04 01, Call Center 131.

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