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We believe Azerbaijan’s socio-economic development is closely linked with entrepreneurship and its future development!
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Elnur Allahverdiyev: "We want to introduce our products under the brand name of "Made in Karabakh" in different countries" 30.01.24
Elnur Allahverdiyev: "We want to  introduce our products under the brand name of "Made in Karabakh" in different countries"

"Dayag" award established by the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (KOBİA) has been presented to representatives of the private sector for 2 years now, in recognition of their economic contribution to Azerbaijan. The purpose of the "Dayag" award is to reward companies that apply innovative and modern methods to run their operations and generate export-oriented goods and services, to stimulate them, as well as to publicize the achievements of entrepreneurs to the public's attention, to encourage business mindset, and further solidify relations between the public and private sectors. The symbolic "Dayag" award also signifies unwavering support of the state for business owners.


In 2023, KOBİA presented the "Dayag" award in a number of nominations to 14 business entities in recognition of their outstanding performance, one of them is the director of "BAFCO Invest" LLC Elnur Allahverdiyev, who won in the nomination "Successful Business in the Karabakh Economic Region".

"Of course, the attention and value extended to us at the initial phases of our journey hold great significance for us. We accept the "Dayag" award as a successful start of the future development of our company", said E. Allahverdiyev, outlining the motivations behind his decision to establish a business in Karabakh: "Our magnificent army, under the leadership of the Commander-in-Chief, successfully liberated our lands, which were occupied by the enemy for almost 30 years. Every Azerbaijani wishes to play a part in the rebuilding, development, and restoration of these territories. Our primary motivation for establishing our business in Aghdam Industrial Park was to provide stable and long-term employment for citizens who have recently returned to their native lands, as well as support them in gaining practical skills and experiences at a professional level. Aghdam Industrial Park was established in accordance with a decree of the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, and has all the prerequisites in place for successful implementation of business endeavours. We are profoundly grateful for the incentives that have been put in place as residents of the industrial park, which significantly contributes to the growth of the non-oil sector." According to E. Allahverdiyev, a new "BAFCO Invest" factory is scheduled to be opened in Aghdam Industrial Park and will manufacture a range high-quality work shoes. Shoes with a contemporary aesthetic, practicality, comfort, and shock resistance will be offered to customers in a variety of models based on their intended use. By producing goods that promote worker safety, "BAFCO Invest" hopes to achieve one of its primary objectives: "Safety is our goal." We strive to be flawless even in the smallest detail of our work, not simply in the production of shoes, so that an employee can advance most consistently toward achievement.  A key to success of any enterprise starts with the affinity and responsibility towards work.  Our decision to launch our company in our native land of Karabakh is the best assurance that these coupled feelings are here to stay with us forever."


E. Allahverdiyev highlighted that the launch of the factory marks not only the start of production, but also the genesis of the landmark of the production of special worker shoes that adhere to the highest standards in our country. According to the entrepreneur, they are headed in the right path in showcasing their products to customers in different countries under the brand names of "Made in Azerbaijan" and "Made in Karabakh". At present, their efforts are focused on exchanging their expertise with the global market, expanding their product line, strengthening economic partnership with foreign countries and attaining a higher international profile. They intend to offer their customers in Azerbaijan and foreign countries reasonably priced and high-quality products: "We intend to increase the range of products we offer to our customers in the future. Our team is always striving to produce goods that will surpass our customers' expectations. We also intend to expand the geographic scope of our activities. In the future, we hope to sell our goods to consumers across the globe under the brand name of "Made in Karabakh" and raise awareness of the top-notch Azerbaijani goods. Our goal is to set an example for the industry with our quality and innovations, and we are making great strides to this effect."


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