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We believe Azerbaijan’s socio-economic development is closely linked with entrepreneurship and its future development!
Today International Day of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises is marked An exhibition showcasing products and services from over 150 domestic companies is currently underway. The product of artificial intelligence for intelligent search has been developed in Azerbaijan. The "Investment Journey" event took place this time in the city of Sheki Meeting with Students of Baku Business University The "Advertising Exhibition of Local Companies" launches Importance of applying Environmental, Social, and Corporate governance principles for business Exhibition-sale fairs will be held in the regions of the country A document was signed between KOBİA and the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry The number of entities awarded with the "Startup" certificate has reached 151
Exhibition-sale fairs will be held in the regions of the country 10.06.24
Exhibition-sale fairs will be held in the regions of the country

The small and medium-sized business entities are encouraged to submit their applications to showcase their products and services in the "SMB FEST" exhibition-fair which will be held within the framework of the upcoming National Pasture Festival. 

In 2024, regional exhibitions-fairs-sales called "SMB FEST" will be held across the country to support the implementation of products and services by micro and small entrepreneurs. The purpose of "SMB FEST" organized by the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (KOBİA) is to support the promotion and sale of products and services produced by SMBs to a wide consumer audience, to foster the development of small businesses by encouraging consumers to utilize products and services offered by SMBs.Trade fairs also aim to expand sales opportunities for entrepreneurs and artisans belonging to vulnerable population groups, bringing producers and consumers together on a single platform, and fostering business relationships between SMBs and supplier companies.Participation fees for micro and small entrepreneurs showcasing their products and services at the fairs will be waived, and all expenses will be covered by the government support.

During the fairs, attendees can enjoy a cultural and entertainment program, featuring master classes by creative individuals and artists.

To keep SMBs and the general public informed about participating in "SMB FEST," announcements regarding the cities and regions hosting the fair will be circulated through various channels, including mass media, the Agency's website, and social media platforms.

The "SMB FEST" exhibition-fair will be held within the framework of the National Pasture Festival, scheduled from July 5th to 7th at the Hadzhikand Khan pastures in the Goygol district. The SMB entities, creative individuals, and artists intending to showcase their products and services at the fair can apply by filling out the relevant form on the Agency's website by June 28th:  Kindly make sure to mention "SMB Fest - Goygol" in the section labeled "Event in which you would like to participate".

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