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We believe Azerbaijan’s socio-economic development is closely linked with entrepreneurship and its future development!
Meeting with entrepreneurs in Gazakh district Meeting held with the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority of Oman KOBİA shares the successes of Azerbaijan's startup ecosystem at the Global Entrepreneurs Congress Exhibition of Local Production and Manufacturing Technologies to be held Meeting held with the minister of the state of Victoria of Australia Event held in Istanbul on the theme "Union of power with friendly diasporas" Meeting held with a business person operating in Istanbul MoU signed between KOBİA and the Standards and Metrology Institute for the Islamic countries Meeting between KOBİA and TÜMSİAD held in Türkiye "Startup" certificate awarded to more 11 micro-entrepreneurs
KOBİA continues to issue the Startup certificate 15.09.22
KOBİA continues to issue the Startup certificate

Nine further SMEs received the Startup certificate from the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (KOBİA). As a result, 58 SME entities have now been awarded the Startup certificate.

The Startup certificates were issued to the following projects: the non-cash reward payment system from SoftPress LLC, POS terminal software for  restaurant and cafes from "Clopos" LLC, Online Accounting Program from E-Sayar CJSC, Electronic platform of "Travel Group" LLC providing online travel, business trip and study visa services, organization of cloud services of "YER xSP" LLC, "Satelyzer" LLC's satellite data services for agriculture, the online tool by Ilgar Mammadov to identify plagiarism in Azerbaijani, practical task-based online education and experience platform by Nariman Karakhani, production of electronic interfaces and integrated circuits in the agricultural sector by "Edtesk" LLC.

The Startup certificate exempts SME businesses from profit and income tax on their revenue from innovative operations for a period of three years after the date of receipt of the certificate.

For a Startup certificate, micro and small business enterprises may apply to KOBİA with ideas that are still in the planning stages. The following link provides comprehensive information on the applicable criteria, the application form, and other required documents:

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