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KOBİA delegation visits Austria 02.02.24
KOBİA delegation visits Austria

The visit was made to deepen relations between Azerbaijani and Austrian businesspersons, review possible areas of cooperation, share mutual information and expertise regarding the support tools provided to SMBs.


Representatives of the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (KOBİA) paid a visit to Vienna to strengthen relations between the business circles of Azerbaijan and Austria, particularly SMBs, review potential cooperation avenues, as well as exchange information and expertise on business support tools in this country.


Meetings were held across various Austrian business support institutions as part of the visit, which was organized with assistance from the Republic of Azerbaijan's Embassy in the Republic of Austria.

At the meeting between Rene Tritscher, managing director of the Austrian Business Agency, and Orkhan Mammadov, Chairperson of the Board of KOBİA, discussion topics included exchanging information mutual information regarding business support mechanisms in each nation, fostering greater business-to-business cooperation, utilizing existing potential in this field and support that both institutions can offer to the process. The signing of a cooperation document for the expansion of "B2B" relations, the systematic sharing of knowledge and practise among agencies, and the organization of mutual business missions in many business domains were some of the topics covered at the meeting.

Businesspersons expressed their insights on business and commercial contacts, investment potential, collaborative activities of KOBİA and the chamber for further expansion of business cooperation, and investment opportunities during their meeting with Philip Gady, Vice-President of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Economy.

Ideas on the potential for business cooperation between our two nations and support for the implementation of cooperative initiatives involving businesspersons were discussed during the meeting with Florian Frauscher, head of the department of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Economy of Austria.

At the meeting with the representatives of the Austria-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce, it was underlined that the chamber contributed to the expansion of relations between the businesspersons of both countries, the plans of the chamber for the development of economic and trade relations between our countries, and the support of KOBİA for the growth of cooperation between business circles were discussed.

As part of the visit, a meeting was held between KOBİA representatives and Azerbaijani businesspersons at the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Austria. At the meeting, various insights were expressed on the activities of Azerbaijani businesspersons operating in Austria, investment, development of trade relations and potential for cooperation between the two countries.

During the visit, KOBİA representatives also paid a visit to the "GalerieGunes" carpet store of the Azerbaijani entrepreneur in Vienna and the "Meixner Vermessung".


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