We believe Azerbaijan’s socio-economic development is closely linked with entrepreneurship and its future development!
SME friend has started its activities in Khizi The management of KOBİA was in the hazelnut factory The management of KOBİA was at the "Coca-Cola" production factory Participants of the "Youth Employment" summer recreation camp were informed about the support and services of KOBİA A meeting was held in KOBİA A meeting was held with representatives of "Albayrak Construction" company "Arshin mal alan" sale-exhibition fair is being held The importance of a business plan in building a successful business In July, 131 Call Center received about 350 applications The trainings are ongoing
The provision of equipment to new rural guesthouses within the framework of the self-employment program has started 27.07.22
The provision of equipment to new rural guesthouses within the framework of the self-employment program has started

Within the framework of the next stage of the "Development of entrepreneurship and self-employment in villages" project, new business entities will be created in Guba, Gusar, Khachmaz, Sheki, Zagatala, Gakh, Lankaran, Astara, Lerik districts, which have high tourism potential.

The project is implemented with the support of the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (KOBİA), the State Employment Agency under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, and the State Tourism Agency.

In the new stage of the project, which aims to support the development of rural tourism and employment in villages, it is planned to establish 50 business entities that will operate as rural guest houses for tourists in those regions.

For this, first of all, suitable candidates were selected and they were involved in training to acquire relevant knowledge in tourism and service fields. Repair works were also carried out in the area to be used as a tourist facility.

As the last stage, these days, the State Employment Agency has started providing these candidates with the necessary equipment for the guest house (sofa, armchair, table-chairs and bed sets, furniture equipment, refrigerator, air conditioner, kitchen utensils, TV, etc.) under the agrotourism envelope of the self-employment program. It should be noted that as the first stage of the project, 15 village guest houses were created and equipped with equipment in Ismayilli district last year. About 40 women and young people in 15 families were employed. About 300 villagers were also informed about entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities.

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