We believe Azerbaijan’s socio-economic development is closely linked with entrepreneurship and its future development!
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A meeting with entrepreneurs was held in Jalilabad 26.07.22
A meeting with entrepreneurs was held in Jalilabad

Representatives of Small and Medium Business Development Agency (KOBİA) met with entrepreneurs in Jalilabad region.

In addition to entrepreneurs operating in various sectors in Jalilabad, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of KOBİA Orkhan Mammadov, MP Elman Nasirov, head of Jalilabad District Executive Authority Rafig Jalilov took part in the meeting.

At the meeting, the needs for the development of the business were discussed with the entrepreneurs, their proposals and the problems they faced were heard, and information was given about the state support mechanisms, including the support and services provided by KOBİA.

During the visit, the representatives of KOBİA visited the grain farm and grain warehouse and took interest in productivity and grain harvesting.

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