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We believe Azerbaijan’s socio-economic development is closely linked with entrepreneurship and its future development!
"A meeting was held with the students, the members of “Young MÜSİAD Azerbaijan” KOBİA presents the "green SMB" concept at the International Caspian Oil and Gas Exhibition Results of the 5th grant competition announced for funding the projects of SMBs have been disclosed. A conference on the significance of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles in transitioning to green economy, with participation of both the public and private sectors, was held KOBİA offers comprehensive support and services to aspiring entrepreneurs intending to establish businesses in the newly liberated territories, as reported by “AZERTADJ” Within the framework of the visit of KOBİA representatives to Vietnam, our businessmen signed a series of documents on cooperation An exhibition-sale fair is underway in "Icheri Sheher" The Conference will be held on the topic "Importance of ESG principles in the transition to a green economy" Public meeting was conducted to discuss the potential impact of the Competition Code on the business environment Next meeting with entrepreneurs was held by KOBİA in Goranboy district
Challenges of entrepreneurs operating in agriculture in Astara discussed 24.05.23
Challenges of entrepreneurs operating in agriculture in Astara discussed

At the meeting held in Astara with the attendance of state agencies and entrepreneurs, the challenges and proposals of business entities and farmers were heard and their questions were addressed.

With the support of the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (KOBİA), a meeting was held with business entities operating in agriculture in Astara district as part of the state-entrepreneur cooperation platform.

The meeting organized in Astara State Agrarian and Development Center was attended by the representatives of Astara District Executive Authority, Ministry of Economy, Azerbaijan Standardization Institute, Azerbaijan Food Safety Agency, State Cadastre and Register of Real Estate, regional divisions of "Agrarian Procurement and Supply" OJSC, "Agrarian Insurance Joint Insurance Company" OJSC, as well as some 25 farmers and entrepreneurs.

At the meeting, the representatives of the relevant state bodies delivered information to the participants on the projects implemented in the field of entrepreneurship and the existing state support measures.

Challenges of organizing farmers' activities, receiving planting subsidies and obtaining concessional loans and proposals for their solution, preventive measures to eliminate damage caused to farms as a result of natural disasters and other matters were discussed, entrepreneurs' questions were addressed.

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