We believe Azerbaijan’s socio-economic development is closely linked with entrepreneurship and its future development!
SME friend has started its activities in Khizi The management of KOBİA was in the hazelnut factory The management of KOBİA was at the "Coca-Cola" production factory Participants of the "Youth Employment" summer recreation camp were informed about the support and services of KOBİA A meeting was held in KOBİA A meeting was held with representatives of "Albayrak Construction" company "Arshin mal alan" sale-exhibition fair is being held The importance of a business plan in building a successful business In July, 131 Call Center received about 350 applications The trainings are ongoing
Entrepreneurs' sales opportunities are expanding 25.07.22
Entrepreneurs' sales opportunities are expanding

In the first half of 2022, the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (KOBİA) provided free support for the display and sale of products and services of more than 600 micro, small and medium business entities at 16 exhibitions and fairs. 80% of entrepreneurs participating in exhibitions and fairs were micro, 15% small, and 5% medium enterprises. At exhibitions and fairs SMEs presented their products and services mainly in the fields of industry, agriculture, food, textile, handicrafts and other fields of activity. 

During this period, KOBİA received 59 applications for the purpose of supporting micro and small business entities to access their products to trade networks. 30 of the applications are related to food products, 27 to non-food products, and 2 to other categories of products. The agency has started selling the products of micro and small entrepreneurs by renting appropriate space in the "Sharq Bazari" complex and the "Bolmart" market. Honey and beekeeping products, flour and flour products, granola food products, soft drinks, apple cider vinegar, dried fruit, spice, handicrafts and other products of SMEs are sold here. Work is being done with other trade networks in order to support the access of SMEs to trade networks, and at the same time, applications from micro and small entrepreneurs who want to benefit from this support continue to be received.

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