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“Investment trip” project launched 21.10.21
“Investment trip” project launched

The “Investment trip” project was launched, arranged by the Central Bank, the Small and Medium Business Development Agency, the Baku Stock Exchange, and investment companies to increase financial literacy and encourage funding through the capital market.


At the event, representatives of the Baku Stock Exchange and investment companies made presentations on funding through the capital market and listing at the Baku Stock Exchange, provided free consultations in investments for business entities, and invited participants to the “Listing Consultation Program”.


The project is aimed at supporting the financing of small and medium businesses, including startups, through the capital market, developing existing enterprises, and promoting corporate governance standards. The project provides for informing regional business entities of the capital market, listing on the Baku Stock Exchange, and the security market, increasing interest in this area in the regions and attracting the attention of the business community to the capital market as a whole.

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