We believe Azerbaijan’s socio-economic development is closely linked with entrepreneurship and its future development!
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SMBDA’s services on supporting entrepreneurs' access to knowledge and innovations reported 30.09.21
SMBDA’s services on supporting entrepreneurs' access to knowledge and innovations reported

More than 20 SMB Development Centers (SMBDC), which are part of the SMBDA structure and operate in the country’s different cities and regions, provide training and consulting services to those wishing to build their own business, startups, and SMBs. The SMBDC’s services are entrusted to the private sector, which creates conditions for the development of a competitive institution of trainers in the country and improves the business training quality. SMBDC also ensures wide coverage and availability of training. Along with the hybrid form of performing the pieces of training, they include practical advice mechanisms and elements of support in the start and development of a business.


This was announced by the chairman of the Board of the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (SMBDA) Orkhan Mammadov at the “ASAN Innovative Development Center” opening ceremony.


It has been noted that providing access to knowledge and innovation for those wishing to start their own business, startups, and SMBs is among the main SMBDA’s activities and in many cases is based on interaction with centers of science, education, and innovative development. This area covers a wide range of issues such as promoting entrepreneurial ideas, training business entities, and exploring the possibilities of applying advanced support models, and SMBDA is doing a lot in these fields. Herewith, the Agency launched a video training platform to make access to training easier and more convenient for SMBs and startups.


It should be noted that at the event, attended by the chairman of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ulvi Mehdiyev, the head of the “ASAN Innovative Development Center” Zibeyda Bayramova, and other persons, information on the center’s activities, services, and website was provided.

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