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SMBs to sell their products in 3 more trade networks through state support 27.02.23
SMBs to sell their products in 3 more trade networks through state support

Support for the sale of products of micro and small businesses was provided in three markets included in another trade network.

Permanent sales points have been set up in three hypermarkets affiliated to the "Bravo" supermarket chain. At present, tea, cold-pressed oils, waters and lemonades, flour, spices, honey, coffee, vinegar, dried fruits, canned pickles and other products manufactured by approximately 10 micro and small business entities are sold at these sales points.

Orkhan Mammadov, Chairman of the Board of the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (KOBİA), visited the sales points established for the sale of products of micro and small entrepreneurs in the affiliated hypermarket with "Bravo" supermarket chain.

It is worth emphasizing that support for expanding the sale of products of micro and small business entities in trade networks is performed pursuant to the Rule approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated December 1, 2021. Pursuant to the rule, KOBİA shall render state support. Since January 2022, KOBİA has received 96 applications from micro and small entrepreneurs who are interested in benefiting from this support. At present, under this support mechanism, 7 permanent sales points have been formed in various trade networks, where products of over 25 micro and small entrepreneurs are sold. In line with the applications received by KOBİA, work is underway in the direction of placing the products of business entities in substantial trade networks.

Micro and small business enterprises interested in organizing the sale of their products in substantial trade networks can apply to KOBİA electronically (https://smb.gov.az/az/contact-form/sale-form). The size of the sales space provided to an entrepreneur in the trade network under this support is 50 cm, and the period of placement of products in the sales area is 3 months. Considering the number of applicants and the interest in the product, the period of use of the sales area can be extended for another 3 months. A significant part of the rent for the sales premises provided for the use of micro and small business entities is covered by the state.

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