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To the attention of entrepreneurs! 22.04.19
To the attention of entrepreneurs!

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On deepening reforms in the judicial system" dated April 3, 2019, specialized commercial courts for disputes related to entrepreneurial activity began operating in Azerbaijan on January 1, 2020. Facilitating access, increasing the efficiency of litigation in business disputes, in particular, ensuring faster and more efficient resolution of business-related issues in the courts.

Individuals and legal entities engaged in entrepreneurial activities who would like to file a case or be notified in case of a lawsuit filed against them, can create a cabinet in the "Electronic Judicial Information System".

Establishment of e-cabinet in the “Electronic Judicial Information System” allows the entrepreneurs to be notified of lawsuits filed against them, get acquainted with the application and attached documents, receive detailed information about the place and time of court hearings, be informed of rights and responsibilities, send an appeal, obtain court decisions, monitor the entire trial, file a protest, petition, appeal (appeal), regardless of the location of the individual whether he is in or out of the country.

Entrepreneurs can get detailed information about the "Electronic Judicial Information System" and create their own e-cabinets by visiting the following websites:

Unified Judicial Portal of the Republic of Azerbaijan - https://courts.gov.az/en/

Website of the Judicial-Legal Council - http://www.judicialcouncil.gov.az/

Website of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan - http://www.supremecourt.gov.az/

Entrepreneurs can also contact SMB friends if they need support when creating an e-cabinet in the Electronic Judicial Information System (https://bit.ly/3l7Ymej).

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