We believe Azerbaijan’s socio-economic development is closely linked with entrepreneurship and its future development!
A new bill "On the development of micro, small and medium enterprises" has been created A meeting with entrepreneurs operating in the field of tourism took place A meeting with the Pakistani delegation was held Azerbaijan-Pakistan Technology Forum was held A public discussion on opportunities and challenges in the field of agribusiness was organized Possibilities of supporting technology startups were discussed A meeting was held with the Turkish company The topic of SMEs' financial access was discussed A meeting was held with business entities operating in the field of rural tourism A meeting was held between KOBİA and the Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services
Training for SMB friends was held 06.09.21
Training for SMB friends was held

The coverage of the Small and Medium Business Development Agency’s (SMBDA) SMB friend network providing support and services to local micro, small, and medium entrepreneurs in the establishment and development of their businesses is expanding. 31 SMB friends have already been operating in the country.


To improve servicing entrepreneurs and adapt new employees to the work process, pieces of training and other events are regularly held, expanding the SMB friends’ level of knowledge of the state support mechanisms, including the Agency’s services, and increasing their professionalism.


A regular meeting of the Agency with SMB friends operating in 26 cities and regions of the country was held in Gabala on September 4-5. During the meeting, SMB friends exchanged views on providing entrepreneurs with high-quality services, promptly solving their problems, correctly identifying and meeting their needs. Difficulties arising during the work have been discussed, and individual and team tasks on the communication between SMB friends and entrepreneurs have been fulfilled.


As part of the meeting, a training in “Corporate governance” was arranged for SMB friends. During the training held using interactive teaching methods and business games, SMB friends have been informed on the importance and principles of corporate governance, standards, and international experience in this area.


At the event, distinguished SMB friends were awarded letters of commendation, and the training participants were given certificates.

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